Monday, April 12, 2010

Presentation and You Tube

Today we learned about creative thinking and innovation. We need to prepare presentation about our product to convince customers and investor to buy and invest ‘Feminine Vagina Cream.
My part is about our product approach, benefit per cost and competitors. Dr. Khairuddin said our presentation will be record and send to you tube. We are suggested to write a speech on paper and then some our friend will hold that paper for me to read it behind the camera for tomorrow.

My group, Golden Corporation Sdn. Bhd is interested to present our product tomorrow. Tonight, I had prepared a new speech which I think well than before and tomorrow, I will present it.So, this is my speech.

“Thanks Miss Hayati. And now I will proceed to the our product approach’

‘Our product consists of neem leaf extraction. Neem leef also known as daun semambu which has a lot of advantages such as anti bacterial, anti parasite, anti fungal and etc.
Another important thing about our cream is it also can be used as spermicide. Spermicide useful for birth control which can kill sperms during sexually intercause.
Besides, it can prevent sexual transmission disease (STD) too such as Herpes, Siphilis and Chlamydia.

Feminie vaginal creams come out in two packages. First one, RM 59.90 for 50 gram and another one is about RM 109.90 for 100 gram per item. Our product is easy and safe for daily usage.

Our product contains organic substances which do not have side affect compare to artificial and synthetic product such lubricant and condom. This product offer you the best feminine hygiene product in current market which can assure you in vagina hygiene and prevent sexual transmission disease (STD) besides birth control.
So, what are you waiting for? Prevent is better than cure right?

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