Saturday, March 13, 2010

My First Impression about UniRazak..

When I have received an email from Biotech Corporation Sdn. Bhd that tell me i offered to join BeST Programme (Biotechnology Entrepreneur Special Programme)..i'm very excited..but..there are little worried questions...

'Where UniRazak is?'
'Is it far from public transport?''Can I arrive punctual at 9 o’clock from Subang Jaya every day?'

So, a few day before the training had started..i came with my friend survey the ways to go to UniRazak..there are two ways to go there from Subang Jaya..

go to Kl Central by bus then take the lrt to Dang Wangi..need to walk for a 10 minutes..the cost is around rm3.90 a way..
take ktm to Bank Negara..and then need to walk for 20 minutes..the cost is around rm4.10 a way..

so i choose the second one..need to save my budjet..hehe

I don't know before this..the UniRazak quite near with Masjid Jamek and Sogo..(^_^)
I can shopping there after class..

The University look luxury and exclusive college..
toilets, surau, lab computer.. i can asses the internet everyday..
can open my email..facebook..and can know any important news..
everything is perfect!!..



  1. owh.survey dgn kwn ye?? good. huh.

  2. salam perkenalan..
    dh hbis dh awak join program ni?
    program ni,mmg gune full english ke?sy lemah english ni..huhuu..,beminat nk join,tp xconfident..huhuuuhu

  3. Terimakasih atas sharing ilmu dan pengetahuanya.semoga selalu menjadi bagi semuanya. salam sukses selalu.Amin